The Hampton Furniture Line by Baumhaus Furniture

Affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap.  Well constructed furniture is a possibility for everyone if you know where to look.  In particular, the Baumhaus Furniture line has an exciting Hampton selection that may be exactly what you are looking for.  Lets break down the Hampton line and see what makes it so successful.  In addition, we will review a few places where you can pick up a piece yourself.




1. Clean


Simply put, the white finish gives this entire line of Hampton furniture a clean look.  The white helps the furniture stand out, drawing the eye to the superior design and craftsmanship.  In addition, it adds to the rest of the room by emphasizing the colors of other things in the room.  Sticking to darker colors can help create a unique and visually pleasing contrast.

2. Simple


The Hampton furniture line by Baumhaus Furniture is simple, lacking the unnecessary complexity seen in other furniture lines.  The Hampton keeps clutter to a minimum, creating clean lines that are easy to follow with the eye.  In addition, the purpose of every Hampton piece is clear and understandable, making it a triumph of practical design.

3. Visually Stunning


The Hampton furniture lines rings true with the saying, ‘less is more.’  By keeping the general design and color minimalistic, the end result is a solid, pleasing piece of furniture.  This emphasizes weight and the distribution of every piece of the furniture, making each piece a study in functionality and design.

4. Well Made


As with all Baumhaus Furniture, the Hampton line is well made.  Carefully crafted and designed, it will be a dependable piece of furniture in your home for years to come.

5. Affordable


Affordability is a big problem for people looking to purchase high quality furniture.  Thankfully, Baumhaus Furniture continues to straddle the divide between quality and affordability with their lines.  Hampton is another example of affordable elegance, making any room look it is placed in look much better.



Where Do We Go From Here?


Now that you know more about the Baumhaus Furniture Hampton line, its time to check it out for yourself.  From sizes to shipping information, you will leave well informed and happy with your purchase.  Until then, good luck!





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Baumhaus Furniture – Par Excellence

When you are ready to do business with a company that provides a full range of options AND that stands by their products than you are ready to do business with reclaimed wood furniture! As a whole sale provider of fine furnishings Baumhaus Furniture makes meeting client demands easy.

There are plenty of wholesale furniture dealers to choose from so Baumhaus Furniture insures that the quality and service that they offer is bar none. They offer a level of excellence that sets the pace for the industry standard.

You can expect to find great furniture ranges including ranges that are considered “green” and eco friendly options.

Excellent Service

On top of the great range of furniture you can also expect excellent customer service and support after you make the purchase. With convenient drop ship locations that are centrally located you can easily count on, on time deliveries that arrive in pristine conditions.

Excellent service includes keeping your business competitive with other furniture dealers by providing you with the latest most stylish furniture options at great price points. At Baumhaus Furniture your business is valued and it shows.

As a valued customer your satisfaction is one hundred percent a priority and is always at the forefront of doing business with them. When a company focuses on not only how to sell you furniture but to help you sell it to your clients you know that you have hit pay dirt and you have a company you need to stick with!

Doing business that uses old school common sense with new proven practices is the way to making profits a reality! A superior company that overs superior service.

Latest Trend

It is a tightrope balance between providing buyers with the price point they need AND providing high quality furnishings. Luckily with a commitment to providing high quality goods AND the right price point it is a possible to have the best of both worlds available to you.

When you are ready to provide clients with the pieces that they want and you are ready to make a nice profit than it is time to check out Baumhaus Furniture with one of the biggest, best selections, you can find the latest trends that will exceed your expectations for both quality and price.

Get the furniture that is the hottest most wanted trends that is at the perfect price point and of the best quality!

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Internet Furniture Dealers and Baumhaus Furniture

The internet has opened up a world of opportunities literally for many different industries including internet furniture dealers. While it can be a challenge to corner the business that you would like to it does not have to be. Baumhaus Furniture can be the solution that you need to really get the most out or your online furniture retail business.

There are plenty of wholesale distributors that offer great furniture at wholesale prices but not all of them cater to internet dealers they way Baumhaus Furniture does. Actually they are specialist when it comes to working online furniture dealers.

There are opportunities through Baumhaus that do not exist with other furniture wholesalers because they have not prioritized serving the internet furniture dealer community as Baumhaus has.

The Focus Is On Internet Sales

What you get out of doing business with Baumhaus is the tools that you can use to really make your business come alive and thrive. You also get an accounts manager that is assigned to you so that you always have a one on one relationship with this fine company.

This is a real opportunity for anyone that needs support to make their online business work. Some of the perks of Baumhaus include:

• Superior image quality
• The online “tool kit” gets you up and running in minutes
• Each product comes with a spec sheet so that you can get to know the products AND so that you can easily answer any questions that a client has.
• You also will be supplied with full trade price lists.

You can brand the furniture with your own style FREE of charge by using the photography studio to capture the items in your favorite style. If you need any type of support you get it. It is that simple. Your success becomes Baumhaus success so it is imperatively a part of the plan to provide you with the support you need to reach success.

A Word About the Offerings

The high quality products that are offered through Baunhaus are of the highest quality. These goods will easily sell themselves as a matter of fact people will seek you out to purchase them. You never have to worry that the quality is not there. Quality is never an option it is a necessity.

As an internet furniture dealer the name Baumhaus should already be a part of your vocabulary!

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Furniture Suppliers -Baumhaus Furniture

Finding the right furniture suppliers can make or break your business. In today’s global economy the competition is fierce you have to have a supplier in your corner that is dependable, that offers great products and that can easily help you to meet your goals.

Success is easy when you have the edge that Baumhaus provides you. The edge is that Baumhaus Furniture understands the internet furniture market and is deeply involved in providing you with the support that you need to realize the goals that you have set for your business.

The Right Support Means Success

Far too many distributors sell you their goods than disappear into the night without giving you any help to draw the traffic that you need to sell the products. At Baumhaus the belief is that your success is their success.

They understand the more support they supply you with in way of marketing and online tool kits the more you will be able to meet your customer demands and ultimately return for more furniture products.

As part of the support package you will have your own account rep assigned so that if you have any questions or concerns they can be immediately addressed. You will also get the easy to use and install online tool kit. A full and complete specifications list for all the products so that you can easily discuss the merchandise with the knowledge that your clients will appreciate.

You also will have a full “market” price list for every product. The list of support is extensive but even that is not outdone by the products!

The right support means success not only for your business but for Baumhaus Furniture as well.

The Products

By offering trend setting products that are among the most wanted Baumhaus Furniture has made a name for themselves that is positive. The products that are offered by Baumhaus are high quality and meet or exceed both the consumer and the distributer’s expectations.

If there is a specific line you want to be associated with you can even brand it to your own special style by using the FREE photography studio feature that is offered. This is a great way to put your own personal twist on the furniture that is offered.

You can easily offer some of the best known names in furniture and make a nice profit while you are at it. Reclaimed wood items are very popular right now and Baumhaus offers a full range of items that are perfect options for any resale distributor.

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